Housing Renovation and Maintenance is huge in Australia. We’re known as a country that isn’t afraid to tear down or renovate an old building, innovate and even construct a whole new building. According to Roy Morgan Research, over 7.5 million Australians did some sort of home improvement in 2013. In 2016, it increased to 8.3 million, with 25% of people spending over $5,000 on their renovations. Not only are more people making changes to their current properties, but they’re also willing to make it an investment to increase the value of their current assets. Why upsize or buy an off the plan property when you can renovate your current home at a fraction of the price.
At Kennedy Welding, we can help you with your housing renovations and maintenance. We are able to manufacture anything you may require to renovate your property such as Balustrades, Hand Rails, Table Tops, Support Beams for new extensions and more. 
Our team are based in Coorparoo, Brisbane and we consist of in-house tradesmen and mobile welders that can come onsite and install for you.
If you have a housing renovation, even an apartment renovation that you would like us to help you out with, contact us today on Live Chat or at 0734217177 and our team can help you out as soon as possible. 
Here are some jobs that we have previously done for our clients.
Supporting House Beams house renovation Supporting House Beams house renovation  Supporting House Beams house renovation
Supporting House Beams.
Balustrades for an outdoor area.