Welding is the process of joining different materials together, mostly made of metal. Even during ancient times, welding has been essential in people’s lives. In the past century, tools have been dug by archaeologists and there is evidence suggesting the use of welding materials made of gold and iron. However, it was only until the 19th century that the modern way of welding has been developed. In recent years, there are a lot of innovations in the welding industry such as the introduction of friction welding and laser welding. Also known as inertia welding, the former makes use of speed and pressure to provide heat. On the other hand, there is laser welding which is being used by most automotive companies in its operations.

Mobile Welding Machines

Another innovation in the welding industry was the invention of mobile welding machines. As it’ll reduce costs for both the company and their clients, it is considered as one of the best things that ever happened to the industry. Unlike the usual practice of bringing the materials to be repaired or welded together to the workshop, the workshop goes to you. As always, there is a piece of specific equipment for every client’s welding needs. And experts have already invented mobile versions of machines for most types of welding. However, experts were only able to come up with mobile equipment for the types that are frequently used.

The most common and considered as the most inexpensive is Shielded Metals Arc Welding (SMAW). It uses electrodes that are placed in a holder and a power source. Another type of MIG (Metal, Inert Gas) welding that uses a wire as an electrode, filler by wire feeder and a power source. Lastly, there Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) welding. Although considered to have produced the highest quality of welds, it needs expertise in handling the tungsten electrode torch.

All the welding types mentioned above are portable and can be performed on-site. As for the power supply, most equipment has its own generator or is designed to be engine-driven. Such a feature enables one to use it even in the remotest of areas. Some equipment also has different gadgets attached to them which makes work easier and more efficient. It includes light and other materials, which would allow one to work outdoors even during night time.

Mobile Welders and On-Site Welders

No need to worry about clearing out your schedule just to figure out how to repair or fix equipment. No need to transfer everything from your house or workplace to our workshop. All you have to do is to contact Kennedy Welding and we’ll be able to get a Mobile Welder or On-Site Welder out to you.

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